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BCS Residential Course for International Students


A specially curated programme built to widen interests and knowledge surrounding British culture and history and sustainability and the environment. This two week course, held Clophill Eco Lodges, utilises the local environment and its history to give your child knowledge and skills that will outlast their stay with us. 


Key themes

During their stay with us, your children will follow a scheduled programme that explores biodiversity and conservation, through a guided tour of our site, and walks around the adjacent woodland and surrounding habitats as well as lessons held in our classroom spaces. Students will learn about habitat management of woodlands, meadows and ponds, and will have a chance to investigate the flora and fauna of each of these habitats as well as having the opportunity to try coppicing.


The students will also gain an understanding of well-being and mindfulness through sessions on health and nutrition and meditation and yoga. These sessions focus on encouraging the children to become more in touch with their bodies and give them an understanding of the importance of looking after and fuelling their bodies correctly. 

Through educational videos and talks, plus visits to local historical sites including our own Scheduled Ancient Monument on site and Bletchley Park, a critical code breaking facility, the students will have an introduction to the Saxons and to WW2.

We currently have 3 programmes that covers a wide age range. Each programme is adapted to suit the age of the children participating, and therefore some activities may differ from those listed above. 

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High School Programme

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Middle School Programme

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Parental Programme

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