Palm Oil? Pah!

This month at Clophill Eco Lodges we are challenging ourselves to only buy products with sustainable Palm Oil or no Palm Oil at all!

Why You Ask?

Palm Oil is a leading contributor to deforestation which causes many habitats of endangered animals to be destroyed such as the Orangutan, pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino as well as emitting millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, we at Clophill Eco Lodges have made sure all our served breakfasts are Palm Oil free and are now trying individually to apply this into our lifestyles! Palm Oil is in many products such as lipstick, detergent, shampoo, pizza dough, biscuits, biodiesel and much more!

How does going Palm Oil free help the Planet?

By going Palm Oil free you will reduce demand for Palm Oil leading to a decrease in Palm Oil production, which means deforestation will decline and greenhouse gas emissions will also decrease and animals which use this environment will increase in numbers such as the endangered Orangutan. Palm Oil doesn’t just affect the animals living in this environment it also is the cause of toxic air pollution which kills around 110,000 people prematurely every year. Statistics also show that the Indonesian and Malaysian rain forests will be destroyed by 2020. So, it is important we act now against the use of un-sustainable Palm Oil.

What can you do?

Try to avoid products that contain Palm Oil and try to look for alternatives which either contain sustainable Palm Oil or does not contain it at all! But be careful, when looking at a packet label Palm Oil can be listed under many different names, visit the link below in the credits to see them all.  You can also write to Companies which use Palm Oil to voice your concern and go to the WFF website to join the battle against Palm Oil production.

Companies committed to using no Palm Oil or Sustainable Palm Oil;

Jordans products




Mars, Inc.

Did you Know that Nutella contains Palm Oil?

Nutella is seen as a staple in many households across the world but sadly it contains Palm Oil, try switching to an alternative such as Cadbury’s Chocolate spread. Or you can make it yourself at home! See links in credit section to get a super easy 4 ingredient recipe for Nutella that’s guilt free.


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