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We have a wide range of volunteer roles and opportunities as there is always lots to do on site! If you are interested in getting involved with Clophill Ecolodges please fill out our contact form below:

An exciting course run by Mind the Gap Transformations at Clophill Eco Lodges.

Don't miss out on your chance to get a spot!

Friday 7th June – Sunday 9th June


The Reluctant Runner Retreat is different. Have you ever decided to start or return to running with the promise to yourself – this time it’ll be different? So why do you run out of steam? We think it’s more than just about putting your trainers on and getting outside. The Retreat will not only provide you with a fabulous running experience but our expert and supportive team will help you get over the hurdles (!) that our habits and mindset often put in the way. Whether you’re a beginning, returning or improving runner and want to make running an enjoyable and essential habit rather than the stop/start activity it often is – join us in beautiful Clophill next summer!

Please note that this event is not being run and managed by Clophill Eco Lodges. It is a third party event which is being hosted at CEL but managed by MGMT.

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